How to Keep the House Cool During Summer Months

It’s a given. The air conditioner is your best friend when it comes to summer. Therefore, it’s best to have it checked before the summer months arrive. Keeping your unit well-maintained will guarantee that it will work efficiently and properly when you need it the most. Imagine turning it on during the hottest of days but it’s not giving off cool air. Sweaty picture it will be. But the summer heat is still beatable with a few other tricks.

Although your AC is your best friend when it comes to beating the summer heat when you are at home, here are some fool-proof tips to keep your cool during the hot season.

Turn the ceiling fans on and change their direction

Make sure that they don’t turn in a clockwise manner. This occasional fan change will power air down into the room making a windchill-like impact. This will create a cooler temperature in the room. If you don’t know how to go about this, you can always watch the how to’s online, or ask someone else to do it for you, e.g. a professional.

Replace the light bulbs

Conventional bulbs like incandescent produce only 5-10% light and the rest are just heat. This is not a problem in areas that have longer cold weather. But it can give a significant impact on regions where hot or warm weather is longer. Through LED or fluorescent replacement, the heat produced will be minimal and normally won’t be felt. Furthermore, these kinds are more long-lasting compared to conventional ones. They also utilize less electricity which means you can save on some dollars over the long haul. If you’re not entirely sure what to get, you can ask for the advice from sales agents in the home depot or similar stores. You can also ask for help from the lighting pros.

Don’t always use the lights

Other than replacing your light bulbs, you can opt to not always use the electricity-powered lights in your home. The summer season will give you longer days than nights. This implies that you can depend on daylight for the duration of the day. Therefore, turn off the lights when you go out or exit a room. Let the natural goodness of the sun be your light.

Disconnect your electronics

Even if you’re not using them, your electronics are using electricity when they are plugged in (cord-wise) and on stand by. Have a go at disconnecting them when they are not in use. Electronics like TV, stand fans, appliances, etc. still can produce heat.

Don’t use the stove

It’s summer. Which means you can create meals other than using the stove. Go outside and make some barbecues or grill for your family while you still can. Utilizing your stove or broiler fundamentally build more heat than it already does and you will definitely feel it during the summer.

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